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George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

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Support Trans Women of Color Collective

TWOCC was established almost one year ago after the brutal murder of Islan Nettles, a black trans woman in New York City. Since then we have brought visibility to this case and uplifted the narratives of struggle and resilience from our communities. From our multiple appearances at conferences, to our various talks, and our numerous accountability sessions we have created a new space for trans women of color leadership in the movement.

We are an organizing collective, NOT a registered non-profit. We rely on grassroots fundraising to sustain the work. Trans women of color have historically — and continue to — put our bodies on the line for justice. The amount of unpaid emotional, physical, and psychological labor we do for our movements is astronomical. We are tired of the lip service that our allies give to trans women of color issues. We believe that the role of allies in our movement is to fund us so that we can do the work for ourselves! This is a fundraising campaign lead by allies to support our work. We need YOUR change, to make our own!

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Transgender Southerners face rampant discrimination, poverty


By Michael K. Lavers

SOURCE: Washington Blade

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Oh very cool. Backed!

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Psychologists Discover How People Subconsciously Become Their Favorite Fictional Characters

Psychologists have discovered that while reading a book or story, people are prone to subconsciously adopt their behavior, thoughts, beliefs and internal responses to that of fictional characters as if they were their own.

Experts have dubbed this subconscious phenomenon ‘experience-taking,’ where people actually change their own behaviors and thoughts to match those of a fictional character that they can identify with.

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Oh. OH.

this isnt good

yep this is a massive problem 

so i am artemis fowl 

………I had better not turn into Erik.

This is an *interesting* study, most particularly because the way they used the control was have a bunch of heterosexual males (assumable white due to the study’s execution) read about gay characters and then determine the results based on how HOMOPHOBIC THEY WERE.

The results also said they had similar results based on HOW RACIST THE RESULTS WERE WHEN THE CHARACTER WAS BLACK.





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Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus Cover) - Mary Lambert



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I follow @KristyT on Twitter and she let me know about a project that she created with @tiffani (#DetroitWater) to help Detroit residents with their water costs. Their website is and there you can confidentially donate to cover a person’s bill. 

Detroit has the highest percentage of Black residents compared to any other major U.S. city, and as I wrote about in Black In The 99%, race is most certainly forever intertwined with class and poverty; these cannot be extracted from each other, especially in a country where its very financial system and imperialistic power would not exist without enslavement and genocide. There is no way to extract the economic violence being committed upon Detroit residents from racial histories. 

According to RH Reality Check, "in Detroit, the cost of water is nearly twice the national average, and approximately half of the city’s customers owe outstanding balances on their water bills. But let’s situate this against a broader historical and sociopolitical backdrop. By 2011, half of Detroit’s working-age population was unemployed, and only 27 percent had full-time work. Nearly one in five Detroit residents were below the poverty line. Approximately three in five children were living in households headed by single mothers (see Rose Brewer’s article on the prison industrial complex). Moreover, these statistics are significantly worse for the city’s Black and Latino residents.” 

People simply cannot go without water and while this entire situation is larger than just “unpaid bills” but are acts of violence against these residents amidst larger economic and racial disenfranchisement, with the recent 15 day suspension on the human-made drought, hopefully no other excuses can be used to harm these people if they’re able to pay the bills. This isn’t about lack of “personal responsibility” creating negligence over a “luxury” but about systemic poverty, capitalism, privatization and WATER. 

Again, if you want to support Detroit residents through a confidential donation via this fundraiser created by two thoughtful Black women, visit:

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I’ve had a couple people ask me why I no longer post on Toypics and this is why. I blocked out my name and e-mail because that is my actual name and my usual e-mail. If you have issues reading the caps, message me and I will copy and paste the e-mails or something, idk.

Anyway, I used to post on Toypics under the name BoyWith2Holes, same as my QueerPornTube name. There used to only be Guys + Toys and Women + Toys categories. I would post in the Guys + Toys because I am a guy. They had added a Transgender + Toys category which I would also post in because I am a trans guy. Seems pretty logical.

Then I get an e-mail from the site owner, the same person who own Bad Dragon, that I need to post ONLY in Transgender + Toys. I get the reasoning that first, it’s because I am trans and people are complaining about there being a dude pussy in the guy tag. Their issue, not mine. Then, he backpedals and says it is based on ‘actual sex’. Well, my actual sex is male. Transgender is not an actual sex.

I break these points down very clearly and calmly in my e-mails to him. After the last one, I went to my Toypics account. He had deleted every single one of my videos for refusing to give into this cissexism. All of them, gone. That was the final straw. I deleted my account.

The idea that Bad Dragon is cissexist/transphobic is not unfounded. It is something I personally experienced and it’s one of the reasons I now do paid porn. They are also racist, and misogynistic. They also do not tell their customers of policy changes, refuse refunds for their company mess-ups, and so forth. If you want an alternative, I suggest Frisky-Beast, Damn Average (Etsy/FA) and Average (FA).


Fuck Bad Dragon.

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Here’s further proof that science and scientists are awesome:

A 7-year-old girl named Sophie wrote a lovely letter to the scientists at CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, politely asking if they could work on creating a dragon for her. She even included a drawing to help them out. (click here to read Sophie’s entire letter)

The scientists at CSIRO wrote back to Sophie:

We’ve been doing science since 1926 and we’re quite proud of what we have achieved. We’ve put polymer banknotes in your wallet, insect repellent on your limbs and Wi-Fi in your devices. But we’ve missed something. There are no dragons.

Over the past 87 odd years we have not been able to create a dragon or dragon eggs. We have sighted an eastern bearded dragon at one of our telescopes, observed dragonflies and even measured body temperatures of the mallee dragon. But our work has never ventured into dragons of the mythical, fire breathing variety. And for this Australia, we are sorry.

(click here to read the agency’s complete response)

But then something truly awesome happened. The scientists had a bit of a think, as scientists are wont to do, and decided to rapidly accelerate their Dragon R&D Program. That’s right, they made a dragon for Sophie - Toothless, a 3D printed titanium dragon, blue, female, species: Seadragonus giganticus maximus.

“Being that electron beams were used to 3D print her, we are certainly glad she didn’t come out breathing them … instead of fire,” said Chad Henry, our Additive Manufacturing Operations Manager. “Titanium is super strong and lightweight, so Toothless will be a very capable flyer.”

Toothless is currently en route from Lab 22 in Melbourne to Sophie’s home in Brisbane.

Now Sophie wants to work at CSIRO when she grows up.

Click here to watch a video of the creation of Sophie’s dragon.

[via Geeks are Sexy and Neatorama]

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We're Not Cis Boys and We Never Will Be


Pro-tip: If you aren’t a trans woman don’t think that you are capable of knowing how we’re treated as children. You will literally be wrong every time because you don’t know. Trans girls =/= cis boys. We don’t internalize things the same way, we don’t get treated the same,…